ImageFX 4.5 Manual Available and more!

As many ImageFX owners from the past few years can tell you the ImageFX manual was out of print and even hard to find used. The manual, although limited to ImageFX 2.0, was a treasure-trove of tutorials and references to ImageFX.

Now, after a massive effort in print-preparation, the ImageFX manual is available again!

The manual now incorporates all ImageFX features from the 2.0 through the 4.5 Studio release in one perfect-bound volume now with over 500 pages.

Lavishly illustrated and packed with tips, tricks, tutorials and more.

Thanks to modern online print-on-demand services you can now order the manual directly from the link below.

ImageFX 4.5 Studio has retained it's low price of $69.95 and now you can order the manual for only $49.95. A whole nickle below it's original price! Yay! A nickle!


Also now available, thanks to the team at BlitterWolf, is a highly useful installer for ImageFX for OS4. This installer makes the formerly delicate process of installing ImageFX on OS4 quite simple. It's free and can be found at:

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