DiscreetFX completes acquisition of Aladdin 4D

On December 17, 2007, DiscreetFX completed the acquisition of Aladdin 4D from Nova Design for an undisclosed sum of money. All remaining inventory of the current version is being shipped to DiscreetFX and Nova Design will no longer be selling this application. DiscreetFX is a leading developer of 3D digital video effects technology. This acquisition extends DiscreetFX's reach into 3D software development in the hobbist and beginner 3D animation industries. This also marks the first time DiscreetFX 100% controls an application. Before today we were always a 3rd party developer for other companies.

Aladdin 4D was a leading 3D animation program on the Classic Amiga platform and sold over 18,000 units on Amiga OS alone. DiscreetFX will breath new life into this application and release a new version on the following platforms.

Amiga OS 4.0 - For the first time Amiga OS 4.0 customers will have a professional PowerPC native application for their operating system to show off it's true potential. With the exception of Pagestream 5.0 Pro and Hollywood the amount of current professional commercial applications is very limited. There are no native 3D applications for OS 4.0, other Amiga developers left long ago for more lucrative platforms or went out of business.

AROS - For the first time AROS customers will have a professional native 3D animation application for their operating system to show off it's true potential. AROS has never had any commercial 3D software released for it.

MorphOS 2.0 - If a new version of MorphOS ships then a native version will also be produced for this exciting operating system. For the first time MorphOS 2.0 customers will have a professional PowerPC native 3D animation application for their operating system to show off it's true potential.

Mac OS X - Aladdin 4D has a rich heritage on the Amiga platform but never reached it's full potential since it was limited only to Amiga customers. The OS X version of Aladdin 4D will take full advantage of Core Animation/Core Image on Mac OS and should give Mac customers a new, fast and unique animation program to learn 3D and enjoy.

Linux - We are strongly considering doing a version for Linux but the expectation of open source and completely free software may hinder this release. Linux customers will have to show us a demand, then we don't mind supporting them.

Windows - DiscreetFX will never sell a version of Aladdin 4D for Windows but a free version will be included with each purchase of A4D for other platforms. DiscreetFX dares to admit what other developers keep to themselves. That Windows is an old legacy code garbage operating system that should be abandon. The failure of Windows Vista in the marketplace only goes to show that Windows days are numbered. The Windows version of Aladdin 4D will not be free but included as a bonus to support customers that may still temperately be using Windows. It will support the industry standard OpenGL and not lock in technology's like DirectX.

Other versions of Aladdin 4D will take advantage of OpenGL or whatever accelerated graphics technology is available on the host operating system. In order for Amiga OS 4.0 and other Amiga type systems to succeed a developer has to take the risk and release professional software to breath new life into OS4.0/AROS/MorphOS. DiscreetFX is willing to take that lead and work hard to reestablish a market. We welcome competition and hope that other developers will also return to the platform and create fresh new software ideas/releases.

Nova Designs CEO stated, we are happy to have reached a mutual agreement with DiscreetFX and have selected them because we feel they will give Aladdin 4D a great exciting future and will add cool new features.

A message to current Aladdin 4D owners. Be happy your 3D program of choice will not die and has a great future!

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